Happy Spanksgiving! 🍁

Woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

This is my 13th year celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA. Growing up in Australia, we didn’t have Thanksgiving and there’s actually no holiday like it down there.

When I moved to the US, it quickly became my favorite holiday! Everyone sitting around, family and friends, sharing delicious food, giving thanks for what we have and being happy about life… All of my favorite things! We should do this every day!! (I kind of already do, actually 😉)

This year i’m extremely thankful for my Mum and her health. Today she got released from hospital and starts home recovery. Thank you to everyone who sent love and thoughts her way. Our family is so blessed.

Also, I am extremely thankful for YOU GUYS!!!! Thank you for being a part of my life, every day. And for encouraging me and everyone around you to live our best lives.

Wishing you an exemplary Thanksgiving 🍁
Sincerely, Joel

I wanted to include a nice photo of my wife and I but we don’t have any recent ones. Maybe we’ll snap one at dinner today! Until then, here is curious Cooper hanging on the kitchen floor.