Happy Friday eve eve eve eve! (Monday)

Happy Monday y’all!

Here are some things to be happy about today…

– Did you know on Mars, a Monday lasts for 24 hours and 37 minutes? (Aren’t you glad you live on Earth and our Monday is only 24 hours long..? 😀)

– Statistically, Mondays are the most likely day that the U.S. Stock Market will rise, rather than fall. Wooohoo! We’re gonna be rich! 🤑

– Also statistically, Mondays are the least rainy day of the week. (But I hear there’s a nasty storm coming today. Better dust off my umbrella and dancing boots! 🕺☔️)

– It is Katy Perry’s birthday today. (Happy bday Katy!!! 🥳)

– Today is National Greasy Food Day! Hmmm… 🤔 I might skip this one actually.

– There are only 9 Mondays left this year. 📆

– There will be 385,000 babies born today. That’s 385,000 miracles happening around the world on this Monday. Pretty cool to think about!

Have an awesome day my friends!
Love, Joel