Stop complaining… People don’t like broken records.

If I told everyone a joke, many of you would laugh…

But if I told the exact same joke the next day, only a couple people would laugh…

And if I told the same joke a third day in a row, nobody would laugh.

You’d all be thinking, “hey dude, go get some new material! I don’t want to keep hearing your crap every time we talk”

Well… This joke analogy is the same as when people complain about things.

Most people complain about the same thing, over and over. It might be told on different days or to slightly different friend groups, but it’s typically the same complaints again and again. Eventually, it wears others down.

I’m as guilty as anyone! — we all kind of fall into this trap.

But maybe it’s time to change… Time to get some new fresh happy material. Our friends don’t want to hear the same crap again..

Today: Be mindful of the words coming out of your mouth. Limit your complaints.

It’s FRIDAY!!! Sending you all positive vibes for an happy day and great start to the weekend!!!
– Joel

Date night this week with wifey. We made watermelon-mint margaritas and played Boggle in the backyard 🙂