Friday blanks ________

Woot woot! It’s Friday! 🥳

…and we get to design today however we’d like.

You just gotta fill in the blanks, then say them out loud, then that’s what you’ve got in store today. Easy!

Here you go 👇

  1. Today I will kick ass at ________.
  2. I’m soooo excited about _______.
  3. I am so grateful for ________.
  4. Today I’m gonna help ______ get the ______ done.
  5. _______ makes me feel _______, so I’m gonna do a lot of that today.
  6. And when I get off work, I’m gonna do some serious _______!!!!

The long weekend awaits. Finish strong 💪
– Joel

“Gorgeous morning! Have a great day.” — Send from Laura 🙏

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