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Dog knowledge lessons learned from dog


Cooper (my dog) is such a wise animal.

Today, he’s sharing with you his top 3 secrets on how he wakes up each day excited, happy, and content. (These tricks work with both dogs and humans…)

1. Know your purpose: My job every day is to patrol the street, protect the house, and make sure my family is safe and loved. I feel good about the purpose and the value I provide.

2. Forget about yesterday: I live every day as a fresh start. I don’t let yesterday’s shit bother me or affect my attitude towards today. I forgive everyone.

3. Work hard, rest hard. I’m a hard worker, nobody will outpace me. But when it’s time to relax, I rest with clear conscious, knowing that I’ve done a great job.

I hope these tips can help you live a great day today.

Cheers 🙂


What’re you learning from your pets?

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