Don’t think. Just do.

You’ve got 100 important decisions to make today…

But, if you “second guess” yourself with each decision, it’s actually like making 200 decisions, because each one takes twice as much brain power.

And if you’re the type of person who “second guesses their second guess” (me, sometimes! 🙋‍♂️) then you’re really making 300 decisions and working 3 x as hard as you need to today.

And for those of you that contemplate things 100 times before making 1 single decision, you’re looking at 10,000 little choices and thoughts that will exhaust your brain so badly and wind you up into a knot so tight that reaching 5pm will feel like running a marathon.

Today: Don’t think, just do.

You’ll be surprised how easy life is when you stop wrestling with yourself so much 😉

Happy Tuesday!
– Joel


Anyone remember Bogart the puppy from last year? I got to hang out with him a bit this weekend 😍