GETMO = Good Enough To Move On

Taught by Craig Groeschel at the Global Leadership Summit

GETMO = Good Enough To Move On

It’s a skill that very effective workers have — the ability to recognize a “sweet spot” in their projects where it’s not too crappy, but not too perfect — just good enough to move on.

We all have 1000 things to do. And trying to be “perfect” at every single one isn’t possible (and stressful to even think about!)

Instead, look for the GETMO point in your tasks. Moving on at that exact point has the highest level of return on your time and effort. Whether you’re building a business or simply replying to emails, everything has a GETMO point.

Happy Monday! Go get it 💪
– Joel

From my brother in San Diego… “Spotted a beautiful Diablo a street from my house. Made my day to hear it.”