GivingCard Stories (& FREE covid tests!)

Happy hump day 😉!

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In other news, do you remember those $25 Giving Cards that the Motley Fool was giving out for the holidays? Well… they collected a handful of stories from people who received the cards and used them to do good in their community.

All the stories are posted here. But here’s my fav one…

“I bought several copies of The 3 Cups by Tony Townsley and 12 white ceramic mugs. I chose some adorable 6 year olds-and met separately with each of them. I read the book to each of them -and then created a great dialogue about giving… Spending… And saving. I put cash into each mug to get them started-(3-$1 dollar bills … 3-$2 dollar bills … 3-$5 dollar bills). It was a fabulous experience… And their families truly appreciated the great adventure that was beginning with the 3 cups.💕”

Teaching kids about personal finance… how awesome!! My Mum and Dad taught me a similar 3 cup method growing up and I can’t recommend it enough.

Did any of you receive giving cards? What did you do with it? I’d love to hear!

Have a great day,
Love, Joel