I am an idiot #20 🚽

I set my alarm early this morning, excited to start the day… But instead I was awoken by strange sounds in the kitchen… The poor dog was sick and threw up all over the place 😢

And since we don’t have any paper towel, I ran to the bathroom to grab a roll of toilet paper to start soaking up the mess.

Mid-way through cleaning everything up, nature called… And as I was in the bathroom pondering how this morning couldn’t get any worse, I realized there was no TP available. The roll I had taken into the kitchen was the last one we had in the house. Yay.

So that’s how my morning is going. How are you doing this fine day?

Sorry for ghosting you the past few days. I’ve been nursing the mother of all headaches and sleeping 12 hour nights. This was me a couple days ago, using the wine as an ice pack while my wife fed me bananas in bed 😂