Increase your chances of apples 🍎🍎🍎

“Imagine living in the center of a large apple orchard.

Each day you have to venture into the orchard and collect a large basket of apples.

The first few times it doesn’t matter where you decide the visit. All parts of the orchard have apples and you can find them wherever you go.

But, as time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to find apples in the same places you’ve already visited before. And the more you return to the same locations, the harder it becomes to find apples there.

But if you decide to always to go parts of the orchard that you’ve never been to before, your chances of finding apples is greatly increased.

It is exactly the same with luck in life.

It’s easy to exhaust the opportunities in your life. Keep talking to the same people in the same way. Keep taking the same route to and from work. Keep going to the same places on holiday.

But, new and random experiences introduce the potential for new opportunities. It’s like visiting new parts of the orchard. Suddenly you’re surrounded by hundreds of apples!”


This is a snippet from a book I’m reading, The Luck Factor. (<— affiliate link!)

So tell me… which *new* place in the orchard are you gonna visit today?

Happy apple hunting,



*Feature pic by chris robert on Unsplash