Monkey see –> monkey do 🙈

A fun lesson learned from hanging with my neighborhood kids…

They copy everything I do!

If I sit with my legs crossed, they cross their legs. If I kick a small rock while walking on the pavement, they run over to that rock and kick it too.

This is both really adorable, and also very scary… Because I’m noticing a lot of my actions aren’t really how kids should be acting.


This got me thinking… There are a lot of copycats in the real world too. People watch how you act, then think it’s OK for them to act that way.

  • When you start gossiping at work, how do you think your coworkers respond? (they gossip back)
  • When you curse at someone in traffic and flip them off, what do you think their reaction is going to be? (they’ll return similar gestures/words)
  • If you are holding back or being reserved with people, do you expect them to open up and share their full feelings with you? (They probably won’t).

Copycats are everywhere. Which means YOU ARE A LEADER more than you think you are.

Today: Be mindful of your actions. People be watching 👀
– Joel

“A dogs life” – Watching the sunset in Fort Smith, AR. Thanks for the pic, Becca!