No more emails 😭

Hey all,

First off, I love you and thank you for being a part of my life.

Today is a sad day because this will be the last morning email you’ll receive from me for a while. I’m taking an open-ended break 😭

No, I’m not terminally ill and nothing is wrong… I just need a break. Actually a better word is change. I think I need a change. (what to? –> i have no idea. But stepping away frees up my mornings and energy to figure that out)

It’s sad to end such a cool endeavor… This weird “daily email” thing that randomly began 6 years ago was never supposed to grow so much or last so long. I’m certainly thankful that it did though! — it’s truly changed my life, career and mindset. And I hope yours too.

I definitely want to keep creating and sharing more stuff with the world. And so if/when something else brews up I’ll let you all know! In the meantime…

– You can always email me directly, my gmail address isn’t changing. Even if it’s a 3 word note saying good morning, keeping in touch would be nice. 🙂

– I still write over at How To Money if you’re into finance stuff and need some encouragement there.

– The 5amjoel website hosts most of the email archives if you want to glance back at previous notes. Here’s the 2018 list2019 list and the rest are all here. There’s also a [random] button in the top right corner and if you click it it takes you to a random morning email. (sometimes when I wake up and feel crap I click that button 5-6 times and re-read my old stuff and it cheers me up 😉)

– This email list won’t be used for anything or sold, so there’s no need to unsubscribe (of course you’re welcome to). One day when you least expect it I’m gonna hit you all up again 🤣

Lastly… People say there’s a shortage of positivity in this world. And while I kind of agree, I also disagree, because there is actually positive stuff hidden everywhere. Every situation, every age you turn, every rough patch. Most people just can’t see it so they think it doesn’t exist. Don’t fall into the same trap. It’s hard work waking up every day and boosting your sentiment. But it’s possible, and worth it.

I hope we all meet again one day! But in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.

– Love, Joel

Kid made me a bracelet for valentines day at school 💝