Pondering life and death ☠️

I’ve been thinking a lot about death recently… (not in a weird way, just trying to make sense of it somehow)

A friend told me about an app called WeCroak… It sends 5 x notifications at random times each day with messages and quotes about death (and life). It’s a little strange at first, but some of the messages are really cool…

What I’m realizing is that thinking about death every day –> gives me new perspectives on *life*. It makes me feel more grounded and happy with how I’m trying to live and love.

Is that weird!?

Sorry to bring up such a strange topic early in the morning. If you’re into stuff like this, download the WeCroak app — I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

Wishing you an awesome Wednesday! Make the most of this awesome life you have!
– Joel

From Jenn in Ogden, UT… “It rained last night and this morning we have this beautiful sunrise. This clouds playing on the mountain before the sun chard then away are fabulous!” 😍