Surfers — We cheer each other on 👏

Yesterday I went surfing and there were about 40 young dudes in the water. All the surfers sit in a small pack, fighting to catch the same wave.

Competitive? –> Yep!

Intimidating? –> Yep!

But, here’s a little secret many people don’t know about surfers… When you paddle out and sit with a group, you’ll hear cheering, encouragement, and congratulations. We might be competing for the same wave, but we are also each others biggest supporters!

This got me thinking… 🤔

I wish people did this more in real life.

In business sometimes we think negatively about our competitors. We have a natural desire to be more successful than the people around us…

But that doesn’t mean we can’t cheer for each other and celebrate other people’s wins. Encouraging beginners and supporting our “competition” helps everyone get better.

Something to think about as you’re going about your day. Are you surfing with a supportive group of people? Are YOU supporting others in the group?

Happy Tuesday!
– Joel

Last month I bought this surfboard on craigslist for $75… And this past weekend I sold it for $260! Woohoo 🙌