Spring forward + 🥧 day

Happy Sunday! Time to spring your clocks forward an hour. ⏰

It sucks to lose an hour of sleep. But…

There are a bunch of cool things about daylight savings starting today:

  • Winter is coming to an end 🥶
  • More sunlight in the afternoons = more late day walks, brighter happy hours, and less indoor blues 🌞
  • Less traffic accidents happen during lighter days. 🚗
  • During daylight saving there’s also less crime committed at night! 👮‍♀️
  • Today (3/14) is Pi Day, so everyone gets to eat pie for breakfast/lunch/dinner 🥧
  • With the sun rising later you get to watch it rise in the morning. Which personally I think is the secret to starting a peaceful day.

Have a great rest of the weekend,
– Joel

I forgot to take a screenshot of Friday’s zoom happy hour, so here’s a drawing of what it looked like 🙂