Stooping to their level…

A coworker of mine takes a really long time to respond to my email requests…

Like last time I emailed, it took her 6 days to get back to me. The time before that she took 8 days to respond to my request.

(these aren’t very hard requests btw.)

Well, just yesterday… SHE emailed ME requesting some information…

And now I’m thinking… Although I have the reply and info ready to send, should I sit on this request and purposefully delay my response for 6-8 days? Give her a taste of her own medicine?


It’s tempting to stoop to her level, but I already know it wouldn’t feel great in the long run.

The choice in front of me is quite simple: I can either purposefully hurt someone, or purposefully help them. (I think i’ll choose helping. It’s what I’m on this earth to do)

Reminder for today: No matter how someone treats you, don’t let it pollute your personal work ethic, values, or mission in life.

Grudges. degrade. happiness. 👏

Happy hump day!
– Joel

“Spring in the Northeast” — sent by reader, Jeanne. Thank you!! 🙏

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