The 5 best beers in the world…

I think you’ll agree with me (even you non-beer drinkers out there)… These are the 5 best beers in the world…

#1: The beer that is in your hand, right now. (enjoying the present)

#2: The beer you are drinking *next*. (excitement for the future!)

#3: The beer that you brewed yourself. (pride/satisfaction in your own hard work)

#4: Any beer at an outside gathering, live event or show. (creating memories with people you love)

#5: The beer you share, give, or buy for others. (giving back; benevolent joy)


This email isn’t really about beer. It’s about all stuff in life.

It doesn’t matter what brand it is, how expensive it is, or how much you have of it…

The best things in life very much depend on where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with.

And that’s what we should be mostly focussing on.

Happy Friday, and happy Easter!! I truly hope you are drinking the best beers possible tonight, this weekend and for the rest of your life.
– Joel

My DIY Kegerator

My old kegerator project 🙂