The boy who put the world back together 🌎

A little boy was bothering his mother after school one day…

“Mommy, mommy, can you read me a story?”

But the Mom was tired and didn’t have time… She needed a way to distract the persistent little boy.

So the Mom grabbed a magazine sitting on the table and tore off the front cover. There was large picture of the world on it. She then ripped the picture up into little squares and said to the boy “When you put this entire picture back together, I’ll read you a story”.

She left the boy alone, thinking it would keep him busy for a while. But to her surprise, the boy yelled out after only 4 minutes saying he had finished!

The Mom was shocked! She asked the boy how he completed the picture so quickly…

And the little boy said, “You see Mommy, on the back of the paper you ripped up there was a picture of a little boy. And when I put the boy back together, the whole world came together.


Today: Spend some time putting yourself back together. When you are fully assembled –> your world will start to fall into place automatically.

Happy Sunday
– Joel

Hello from Joshua Tree National Park! 🌴