Today’s little problem

Isn’t it funny how 1 tiny little unsolved problem sometimes can distract you and make you think of 100 other little problems in all different areas of life?

For me right now it’s this dumb letter I got from my insurance company a couple weeks ago… It’s sitting on my desk, not dealt with yet, and whenever I see it it triggers a bad mood that bleeds into my other work stuff.

So, this morning, I’m going to deal with it. (And I have a feeling it’s going to clear up my entire mind afterwards).

Not sure if you’ve got a silly little problem you’ve been putting off… But maybe today it’s time to take a crack at solving it?

20 minutes of work might = daaays of mental benefit. 😉

Happy Thursday!!
– Joel

“’twas a foggy, dreary day in St Louis yesterday but your email about a dreary day helped my mindset stay positive!” — from Gwen 🙌