I am an idiot #5 🙅 Multitasking…‍

Last week I was walking the dog.

I was holding his leash with one hand, and had a piping hot coffee in the other. I also somehow was holding my phone, some letters, headphones and a face mask. Hands completely full.

All was going well until Cooper stopped and did a big poop. Then I had to figure out how to pick up the poop with my hands already full…

The ground was too wet and dirty to put anything down, and I didn’t have any pockets… So I decided to try and squat as low as I could (right next to the poop) and use my upper legs as a table to rest everything on and free my hands up.

I carefully balanced my coffee, phone, the letters and such on my legs and sat as still as possible while I slowly reached for a poop bag. It was like a sidewalk balancing act. Quite impressive, actually.

But then suddenly Cooper saw a squirrel. He yanked his leash, threw me off balance and everything came tumbling down. Coffee mug landed in the poop, spilt coffee all over my crotch, phone and letters into the wet grass, etc…


Anyway, this reminded me of a common mistake I make at work… I tackle 5-6 seemingly small tasks all at the same time, then add one more, then another. Eventually, my attention is so scattered I screw everything up.

Multi-tasking is a bad habit. It usually makes you less productive.

So, keep this in mind as you go about your business today. Stay focused on one thing at a time, or you might end up with a big poopy mess on your hands.

– Joel  📱 💩 ✉️ ☕️ 😳


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**Feature pic by Matthew LeJune

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