100 x Days Until Valentines Day! 😍 – Gift idea

Starting this Friday (Nov 6th), it will be exactly 100 x days until Valentine’s Day 2021. Woohoo!

Now, if you are hopeless romantic like me, you’re probably trying to think up new ways to impress you’re partner, lover, crush, baby boo or main squeeze…

So here’s an idea that I used last Valentine’s Day that is a perfect (and free) gift to show your thoughtfulness. All you need is a notebook, a pen and 100 days.

100 Love Notes…

1) Start by getting a tiny little notebook. You can decorate it a little like I did in the pic above, or keep it simple.

2) Starting on Friday (Nov 6th), write a tiny little love note on the first page. Something short, sweet, and personal.

3) Keep writing 1 love note every single day afterwards. They don’t have to be long or complex, sometimes the simpler the better. (I’ve added some ideas below)

4) Keep the book hidden! Don’t let your partner see the book at any point.

5) After 100 days and notes, it will be Valentine’s Day 2021. Give the book to your person that morning as soon as they wake up.

6) What happens next isn’t appropriate to write in this post. I’ll let you use your imagination. 😘


Now, you might be thinking, “100 notes!!? What the heck do I write? I’ll run out of things to say at some point!”.

Don’t worry. It’s much easier than you think. And, each note doesn’t have to be a winner. You just have to stay consistent. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Ideas for love notes:

  • Describe their physical beauty
  • Describe their inner beauty
  • Describe how you felt the first time you saw them
  • Describe your love for them
  • Describe your future together
  • Tell them a joke
  • Tell them about something they did that impressed you
  • Describe how people talk about them when they’re not around
  • List activities you love doing with them.
  • List things that annoy you, but you’ll put up with anyway cause you love them
  • Recall your wedding day and how they looked
  • Describe the last meal they cooked for you.
  • Make a promise to them
  • Dedicate a song to them
  • Write a short poem for them
  • What’s your favorite character trait of theirs?
  • Draw them a funny picture
  • Thank them and talk about your appreciation
  • Tell them how you’ll take care of them in old age
  • Reveal a secret you’ve been keeping from them
  • Wish them happy Christmas / New Years / Thanksgiving on those days when they arrive
  • Talk about something in your day that reminded you of them

OK, that’s 22 ideas right there off the top of my head. You can definitely think up the rest. Or, if you want, just repeat the above list 5 x times and that’s over 100 days! Boom.

Here’s some of the ones I wrote last year:

See… Nothing complex or terribly hard. You can write whatever you want to. It’s the thought that counts.

My wife keeps her book on her bedside table, and flicks through a few notes before bedtime.

Trust me, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

So start THIS FRIDAY, November 6th.

Good luck!
❤️ Joel