$1,475 in bonus money for April

Back in January, I came across a promotion from Capital One Bank…

They were offering a $400 welcome bonus to anyone who opened a new checking account and received some direct deposits into that new account.

So, I opened one up for me, and also one for my wife. Last month the bonus credits arrived.

$400 + $400 = $800 in free money. Cha-ching! Thank you, Capital One!

Also last month, we came across a promotion with American Express.

They were offering a $300 welcome credit for opening a new credit card, and using it for regular purchases.

Again, I signed up both myself and my wife, completed the usage activity, and we received $300 + $300 in bonus cash. (We also got a $75 referral credit for my account referring —> my wife’s account)

All in all, we made $1,475 in free money last month, and it took less than a couple hours of my time.


This might seem like a small amount of money and not worth the hassle of creating new bank accounts. But, I participate in promotions like this probably 3 to 4 times per year.

My wife and I made over $4000 in 2020, and I think we made over $6000 the year before!

Anyway, the reason I’m sharing this all with you is to ask…

Do you want me to start sending these promotions and stuff to you guys as I come across them? Or would you prefer me to just stick to the regular happy/motivation messages? I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to sell you stuff or too focused on making money. Either way is fine with me!

Happy 1st of the month! Time to celebrate!!

Have a rich weekend!
❤️ Joel

Rosé all May! Starting today!