30,000 days

The average person lives for 30,000 days.

That’s a scary small number!

An even scarier number is working out how many days you have already lived so far. That number for me is…

30000 days

There’s nothing I can do about my days that have past. I can’t slow the clock down or buy more days later. Even my remaining days aren’t ‘guaranteed’.

But what I can control is how I live TODAY.

The activities I get up to. The people I surround myself with. The work I do and value I provide to the world.

The rest of my days will be stuffed to the fullest!

How about you? What are you up to today?
– Joel

ps. the pic above is from a basic google Chrome extension called 30k. Every time I open a new browser or tab it flashes my numbers and reminds me to make each day count!