A cool ripple effect story!

Last week, I included this sunrise photo in one of my emails.

It was sent to me by a reader called Baldomero…

After the email went out, I got a reply from a different reader, named Barbara.

Barbara said she just loved the photo! And she was going to make a painting of it.

Yesterday she sent me a photo of her painting 👇👇👇

Barbara agreed to ship me the painting, and now I think I’ll give it to another stranger or reader from this list!

What a cool ripple effect story! When Baldomero got up early and snapped a beautiful pic, he had no idea this moment would be hand painted by someone and hanging on a different someone’s wall one day.

Reminder: When you send your goodness out into the world, it ends up in the most unexpected places. Share your photos, stories, positivity, wisdom, and goodness with the world. Do it each day, every day.

YOU are making a difference whether you see the ripples or not.

Happy Tuesday.
– Joel