Altruistic actions

Altruistic actions are selfless acts that put the wellbeing of others before yourself.

Actually it’s not just helping people, it covers all living things like animals, plants, helping the earth, etc.

Here’s a few ideas to spread some kindness today:

  • Leave a positive note on your neighbors doorstep. Doesn’t have to be long, just a short scribble saying thanks for helping the neighborhood be a good place to live.
  • Pick up a piece of trash today (wash/sanitize your hands after!). I know it sounds gross, but it’s a 10 second activity that will make you feel good for 10 hours. Good time trade!
  • Contact an old friend and tell them you’re thinking of them. Ask about their big life events you might have missed and let them re-live them while telling you.
  • Compliment a stranger. (Not in a creepy way!) Something like “hey, I like your face mask, where did you get it?”. People are missing kind interactions in public.
  • Ask to pet someone’s dog (while the owner holds the leash from afar, you will be ~6ft away from them). Dogs are missing a lot of playtime because parks are shut down. Let them smell you, give them some love and attention.

No matter how small, giving is giving and helping is helping.

Have an awesome day!
– Joel

Most dogs beg for meat leftovers… Coper just wants watermelon!