Be more open in your beliefs

Humans can hear sounds in the range as low as 20 hertz —> all the way up to 20,000 hertz.

That’s a massive range of sounds we can hear!

But, there are sounds outside of this frequency range too, higher and lower. Just because we can’t hear them, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Same with the visual realm. We can’t see gamma rays or xrays with our eyes… Does this mean they don’t exist? No, they are there!

I love this scientific stuff. It proves there are things happening all around us that we don’t know about or experience personally.

It reminds us why we should be more open in our beliefs. Just because we haven’t experienced things before, or it’s not physically evident, it doesn’t mean they don’t happen.

Something to keep in mind when dealing with others, and understanding their view of the world. 🙂

Have a great day. Keep an open mind!
– Joel

The weather is back in the 90’s this week in LA. My neighbor down the road got creative and made this kiddy pool in the back of his truck for his daughter to stay cool. It’s a bit of an eyesore for our street, but knowing how much fun it brings the kids it’s actually quite a beautiful thing. 


*Speaker pic up top credit to Paul Esch-Laurent

4 thoughts on “Be more open in your beliefs

  • This reminds me of kind of a fun thing I ran across awhile ago called The Mosquito. So check this out:

    On the Wikipedia page you can click to play a sound. If I click it, I hear nothing. (Note: I’m 47.) My kids are teenagers and they can hear it and say it is an unpleasant sound.

    Informally, I think most kids could hear it. But some of the 30-somethings I asked at work could possibly hear it. Then us older types couldn’t hear anything.

    Like you said, just because I can’t hear it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  • Would be interesting to know how Cooper reacts. I recall there were some small kids in your extended family. Might be interesting to see if they can hear it.

    More philosophically, I find myself much more open minded at my advanced age (again, 47) versus how I was when I was younger. The interesting thing is it seems like many people I know have moved to more polarized political views. I won’t say which political direction as that’s irrelevant to the point. But some of the people around me are moving further from the center while I moved to the center. I feel like I’m more capable now to see multiple sides of various issues. Is that a function of age and experience? It sure isn’t intelligence! But others around me also have similar age and experience so not sure why I am the way I am.

    Of course, I don’t know anyone else who gets up early to look at their finances and educate themselves by reading high quality content like 5amJoel!

    • Haha! Coops didn’t hear anything (I think) but it was hard to keep him still and hold the computer next to his ear. I’ll try the neighbors kids later.

      I used to think not many people got up at 5am. But when I started getting up and walking around the neighborhood, I found there are a TON of people up that early doing stuff. Opens your mind for sure!

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