Beautiful stories | Beautiful people

Good morning!

Here are 3 quick stories to kick off your beautiful long weekend…


From Stephen, about paying it forward… “Doing the right this is always the right thing to do! We tend to always pay it forward also. For example every year on 10/5 my family spends a day doing random acts of kindness for strangers. We do this to honor the family of the young man who gave his heart to my son so that he could live. We have reached out via letter a few times but have never heard back, so in lieu of thanking them directly we try to live to the spirit of their incredible gift. Last year we gave money to our local food bank, dropped cash off in random places at Wal-Mart, payed off a few layaways. I bought groceries for a few families in line. We also gave a waiter at Cracker Barrel a big old tip in honor of that young man. We enclose a note about the why behind this random gift and ask them to think about the family and if they can pay it forward themselves someday.”


From Kay, about finding pennies… “My daughter and I also have the same thrill of finding pennies, but for a very different reason. We call them Angel Pennies. We lost my mother to cancer in 2016. My daughter was 3 years old at the time and my mom took care of her while I was working, so the bond between the two was incredible. After the grieving eased up (they forget to tell you that it never actually stops), we were on a walk and my daughter found a penny on the ground. I told her to pick it up because it was an Angel Penny, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember how I knew that. So when we got home I googled it and there it was… [angel penny poem]

I can’t remember who shared that poem with me, but that’s beside the point. Since then, whenever my daughter finds a penny (or pennies) on the ground, she gives a little whoop of joy and we talk about her Grandma. Then when we get home she places them in a shadow box frame that I created for her. As you can see, she’s amassed quite the collection in the last four and a half years.”


From Kevin, about noticing the little things… “Thought I’d share a story from my wife yesterday that she told me:

A woman comes into a local coffee shop to grab some coffee, just a normal an every day transaction.

But I noticed the customers phone case with a picture of a woman with the most infectious smile.

The coffee is being made and my wife hesitates to say anything to the woman out of fear of being nosey but does anyways.

She said she asked the woman about the picture and said “I saw the picture of the woman on your phone case and she has the most infectious smile, I just had to say something.”

“Thank you, the woman is my Mom and we lost her suddenly in March, she was such an amazing person, its been really hard without her. Thank you saying something, it means a lot.”

Sometimes it’s the little thing ya know. I got choked up hearing it.”


Have a great weekend everyone!

Pay it forward, looks for signs from the universe, and notice/comment on the little things 🙂

(Pic is also from Kevin, taken on his morning walk… “Not often we get still air in Florida but was digging it this morning.”)