Blessings while on the road…

Saturday, mid-morning, my wife and I stopped at a random gas station in the middle of nowhere between LA and Vegas.

I swipe my credit card to get gas, and the machine said “declined”. But, it only flashed for 1 second and then changed to “select fuel grade”. It let me continue pumping gas, even though it flashed declined for a second. Something weird happened.

Anyway, I just checked my credit card transactions and it seems I was never charged for the gas. Free fuel is a great road trip gift! That was surprise #1…

Surprise #2 happened when we left Vegas on Monday morning…

Again at a random Flying J gas station, my wife went in to get us coffee and breakfast. When she got to the register, a stranger approached her and said he had accrued thousands of gas station rewards points and needed to use them all up. He was paying for strangers meals with his credits!!!

So we got free gas, free coffee and breakfast, and we’re only few days into our trip!

How can I keep these blessings coming for the rest of our trip?!?!…

I have an idea… 🤔

The best way I know how to continue getting free stuff in life, is to give away things to strangers and pay my blessings forward.

So, my wife and I plan to give free beers to any/all interesting people we meet on this trip, and look for opportunities to surprise strangers with free stuff.

This makes us happy, makes them happy, and continues the karma circle. 🙂

You got blessings in life you’re paying forward? Would love to hear/share the stories 🙂

Have a great day!
– Joel

We’re at Colter Bay, in Grand Teton National Park! Sadly, it’s a little smoky, and no dogs are allowed swimming in this lake… Cooper’s bath will have to wait until our next stop 🙁