All the… Small things…

We spend so much time celebrating amazing things that hardly anyone can do, that we convince ourselves that those are the only things worth celebrating. We start to devalue the things that we can do every day.”Drew Dudley


Happy Friday!!

Here are some every day (small things) that I’m celebrating today:

  • I front loaded my workweek, which means I can knock off early today!
  • I’m buying 2 family members birthday gifts today!
  • We received $57 in stock dividends yesterday. Small, but passive income regardless!
  • I found a new book to read!
  • I solved some website coding issues this week (which is amazing because I am not a coder!)
  • I met 2 new virtual friends via zoom this week.

Not sure what YOU are celebrating today… But don’t fall into the trap of only celebrating the big things! Small, every day milestones are important too!

Happy Friday – it’s gonna be a good one!
– Joel

A friend gave me a whole bunch of new beers to try! I didn’t even know what a “milkshake IPA” was until recently – they are delicious!