CHARGE into Monday -+—–>

Does Cooper complain about Mondays?…

No. He wakes up excited like it’s any other day and charges head first!

Does Cooper mope around the office on Monday mornings and complain to the other dogs?…

No! He gives his peers a massive and happy greeting as if he hasn’t seen them in years. He makes sure everyone is alert and motivated for the week!

Does Cooper procrastinate and avoid hard work tasks on Mondays?

Nope. He get’s all his business done as early as possible so he can relax for the rest of the week.


Another thing Coops does on Monday mornings… He spends 30 seconds stretching, thinking, and reminding himself of his purpose in life. He is content with the value he brings to the world.

If you’re struggling to get going this morning, perhaps try taking a page from his book?

Happy Monday! Kill it!

I wonder what good things are out there that we’ll find today?