Check in with yourself

Check in with yourself as much as you check Facebook or Instagram.

When you wake up: Instead of rushing to check your phone, check in with your body. Do you need water, stretching, maybe some deep breathing?

Mid morning mental check: Check your focus. Are you on track to smash the things you need to or is busywork creeping in?

Afternoon break: When you finish work, take a few minutes to relax before jumping right into another screen activity. A 20 min walk without your phone, play with the kids, read. Give your mind a chance to clear before filling it up again with media.

Before you go to sleep: Before checking out what your friends did on facebook that day, check in with yourself. Did YOU have a good day? What went well and what do you want to do again tomorrow?

Just a friendly reminder to check your own status once and a while too!
– Joel

Sunset in los angeles

Last night’s sunset on my street in Los Angeles!