Common Sense

Common sense says…

  • don’t take your phone into the bathroom
  • put phone away while driving
  • no texting while at dinner table
  • no screen time while trying to go to sleep
  • don’t pull out phone while friends are mid-conversation with you

This might be common sense, but sadly, here’s what people actually do:

  • take phone into bathroom while pooping/peeing
  • text while driving
  • text at the dinner table
  • mindless scrolling while in bed, morning and night.
  • interrupt friends while speaking to check apps or texts

I’m embarrassed to admit, I catch myself doing these sometimes.

But today, I’m making a change. It’s time to apply and live with more common sense.

Cell phones are great. But using them comes with a price.

This new year I’m going to be more conscious of that price – because sometimes the trade isn’t worth it.

Have a great day!

Ps. Would love to hear how you guys are cutting back screen time or what house rules you put in place.


From a reader, Kevin Smith: A shipwrecked boat here in Florida from Tropical Storm ETA… “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”. Thought it was fitting thought to end 2020.

Kevin’s also starting a photography hobby, you can follow his Instagram here 🙂