Counting your good things

Happy Friday! Time to count our good things….

Good thing from this month: My little bro got married and family got bigger! 🥳

Good thing from this week: I got a pretty large mention at work this week that boosted my confidence 👨‍💻

Good thing happening today: Going surfing this morning! 🏄‍♂️

Good thing this weekend: Catching up with some friends we haven’t hung with in a while. Looking forward to game night and grilling yummy food 😋

Good thing happening in future:  Found a new investment partnership I’m excited to explore. If all goes well things will kick off late July! 💸

What about you? What are your good things?

Make it a great day,
– Joel

nakatomi tower

Fun fact: A few miles from my house is Nakatomi Plaza, the same building where Bruce Willis saved all those hostages on Christmas Eve, 1988!

Ps. A strange request… does anyone out there have a spare old iPhone (working, in decent-ish condition) that I can buy from you? My old iPhone 7 finally pooped it’s pants and I’m looking for something second hand. Let me know and thanks!!!