Steve’s CREDO – Be a hero, not an asshole.

Last week I shared a story from my outrageously generous friend, Steve.

Steve has developed a “credo” — a list of statements and beliefs that guides his actions in life — and with his permission I’m sharing it with you all today…

**Note: Steve’s credo is personal and specific to him. He took a 90 day writing course which helped him develop and refine this meaningful list of words. If you want to create your own credo (you should!) I’ll share some questions and thought provoking topics another time that will help guide you.**


Steve’s Credo:

– Do my best everyday, then do just a tiny bit better tomorrow.

– Be outrageously Kind and Generous

– Practice uncommon levels of patience.

– Avoid stress.

– Approach the world with a scientific mind.

– Be a good citizen and leader

– Be authentic and extremely thoughtful

– Choose optimism and find gratitude everyday

– Measure profit in meaningful relationships.

– Value the earth’s resources by finding ways to conserve them.

– Support organizations that show outrageous levels of empathy, kindness, and compassion toward people.


A quick note from Steve….

“I wanted to share one of the little ways this has changed me. Sometimes at stoplights I’ll be behind someone and they will be looking at their phone or doing whatever and the light will turn green. I will be uncommonly patient and will just sit quietly behind them even if the light turns red and we haven’t moved. Before I would have laid on the horn and been an asshole. In the credo exercise you come up with a trigger word or phrase to activate your brain toward thinking about your credo. Mine is -Be a hero, not an asshole. It works!”

More to come on all this credo stuff… I’m still in the process of creating/refining my credo, which I’ll share with the class when complete 🙂

Have a great day, y’all!
Love Joel

Dropping my wife off to work today on this bad boy :). Gotta show the high school kids that teachers can be cool too!