Giving away all my profits…

Last week I was selling a chair online. It was a pretty nice office chair, worth maybe $80-$100… But since I’m an idiot I let someone negotiate me down to $40…

Then when the lady showed up to take it, I felt kind of sad for her. She was in a much worse situation than me and was extremely thankful to be buying a great chair for so cheap. It was for her son. So just before she drove away I waived her down and handed her back $20. She was so shocked and thankful.

Then I sold a spare coffee maker to another girl online. She had just moved to LA and was scrambling to furnish an apartment for as little cost as possible. I felt bad, so when she arrived I gave her a $30 discount too.

Lastly, my moving guy got a good deal also… His hiring fee was only $50 to pick up and drop off my new couch, but I ended up giving him $150 when the job was done. He brought a friend to help with the move, and I felt so bad that they worked so hard for peanuts. I’m sure other people screw him over all the time – I wanted to do the opposite and show them their true worth.

Soooo…. apparently I like giving cash away… If you would all please respond to this email with your mailing address and a sob story, I’ll be sure to post you some of my hard earned money. Even though my wife and I will be broke before Christmas, it will probably somehow feel worth it.

Love, Joel

New couch! It’s super comfy 🙂

**PS. I was kidding about posting you money! Never share your address with an Australian because they will probably show up at your house, unannounced, asking to crash on your couch.