Cut the crap


Yesterday I read a cool article about productivity. It started with this line:

“Being more productive is usually about what you do less of, not more of.”


Thats refreshing! Sounds like we don’t need to learn 100 new awesome skill sets or build up superhuman habits in order to better our day… Instead, just shedding a few bad habits could be more effective.

Here’s some crap I’m planning to cut out today:

  • social media (I just moved all my apps into a separate folder on the far edge of my phone).
  • Complaining, groaning, smirking, or talking bad about my tasks. (Good or bad, tasks need to be done, so I may as well just do them. Complaining doesn’t help.)
  • Daydreaming and thinking loops. (This one is hard to catch myself. Need to figure out a way to not drift off into space)
  • “Researching” Whenever I quickly want to google something, it can accidentally lead to 20 minutes of mindless webpage surfing. No researching today!
  • No phone calls, unless they are scheduled.


What are you doing less of?

Cheers to a kick-ass productive day!
– Joel


*Buggy pic up top by Alexander Schimmeck