Don’t celebrate too early – Take Two!


Happy Friday y’all!

Today’s note is from a long time reader on this list, Rebecca. Rebecca replies to a lot of my morning emails and I love how thoughtful and positive she is. Last week I asked her to whip up a note for me to send out, and here it is!… (in response to my recent don’t celebrate too early post)

Don’t start celebrating – take two!

When I saw the subject of Joel’s email last week my mind immediately went to “don’t start celebrating the weekend yet, just because it’s Friday morning”. I read his email and it went a completely different way.

I emailed Joel and explained my first thought. He was kind enough to offer me a guest post on his email for the following Friday. I was so flattered when he offered that I immediately said yes! But then when I sat down and starting writing the doubts came. Oh geez what was I thinking…I’m not a writer…immediately followed by- It is your dream and he’s offering you a way to start to reach that dream…oh the pressure…oh the joy.

Now back to don’t start celebrating, just because it’s Friday…

I wake up to a beautiful morning, stretch and remember it’s Friday…YAHOO Friyay! Weekend here we come! Let the party begin!

Do you ever feel this way? I’ve done this which is probably why that was where my mind went. And instead of knocking out the goals for the day I start celebrating first thing Friday morning.

I think since it’s Friday I can start with a treat. I’ll go to my favorite coffee shop for my a fancy coffee drink and a sweet treat. I don’t need to work out I can always do it after work. I’ll just chill and see what everyone’s up to on social media.

Then an hour later I look up and now I’m running behind and already headed for a sugar crash. My day isn’t on the path to success. I’ve set myself up to waste a perfectly productive day.

Time for a reset!

I need to take this as a lesson learned. It’s too early to celebrate on Friday morning. There is plenty of time for that on Friday night or Saturday morning.

I have a full day that needs attention. I need to have a full focus Friday not a fun, free for all Friday. I’ll drink my black coffee at home and meet my first goal of the day. Intermittent fasting goal checked off. This starts me on the path for the success I want for today and for my future. Instead of chilling out to some social media I pull up my down dog app and hit the mat. Yoga done, goal two met and I’m on a roll. I’m feeling good and I am going rock this day out.

A completely different mindset than how it would have gone if I had started out with those sugary snacks. Instead of procrastinating I pull up my calendar and get to work. Before I know it the day is done. I take one last look at my calendar to prepare for next week and sign off.

Even though things might not have gone perfectly I still feel great, I met goals, I accomplished things. I can start the weekend feeling productive. I feel good about my day. I’m ready to enjoy some down time with those I love and I can do it without feeling guilty.

Hope this reminds you or motivates you to set some goals and make this day count.

Thank you Joel for letting me share some of my thoughts. I always look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox; it was an honor to be your guest.


*Pic is Rebecca and Bacall at one of their favorite spots, White Rock Mountain!


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