My favorite old lady

Yesterday while volunteering I visited my favorite old lady. I see her every Friday.

But she has a fading memory and always forgets me. Here’s how our conversation goes each week…

*knock on her door*

OL: Hello?

Me: Hi, it’s Joel from Meals on Wheels!

OL: Ok please come inside.

Me: I can’t come in, it’s not safe right now, remember?

OL: Oh right. Well why are you here?

Me: I’m from Meals on Wheels. This is Joel, I come every Friday.

OL: Well what day is it today?

Me: It’s Friday.

OL: You know I have a friend who’s son’s name is Joel. He’s a nice boy too.

Me: Yes, you told me about him last Friday.

OL: Well will I see you again next week?

Me: You certainly will.

OL: Great! I’m looking forward to it!

Me: Me too. 🙂


Is it sad that this is becoming the highlight of my week?

Have a great and relaxing weekend, everyone.
– Joel


2 thoughts on “My favorite old lady

  • Not sad at all. You’re doing a good thing. You are helping these people have something to look forward to. The fact that you’re feeling good about it just makes it a win-win. Nice work.

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