Focus on your 998

Check out this beautiful puzzle I finished over the weekend! Pretty cool, right?…

BUT, what you can’t quite see in the photo is that there are actually two pieces missing…

Don’t you hate it when that happens!?

I’ve been chipping away at this puzzle for 2 full weeks, and when I finally got to the end I realized I can’t finish it!

I’ve been looking everywhere for these two pieces. I’m frustrated. I’ve flipped the house upside down — twice — and still can’t find them. Those little asshole pieces are hiding somewhere, laughing at me!

OK… time to calm down…

All I really need to solve this problem is a shift in perspective.

  • Instead of focusing on the 2 tiny pieces I don’t have, I should be thankful for the 998 pieces I do have.
  • Instead of worrying about the 0.2% that is out of my control, I should be proud of the 99.8% of the project I completed to the best of my ability.
  • Instead of wasting more time complaining, I should get on with life and start my next masterpiece.

I feel better already.

Hmmm…. 🤔 Maybe shifting my perspective like this can help in other areas of my life, too?


To do today: shift your perspective. Focus on the 998 pieces you do have.

🐠 🐠 🐠