Forgiveness vs. Permission

My old company used to have a saying…

“It’s better to ask for forgiveness than wait for permission”

They encouraged us to take risks, screw up, get in trouble, and try solving problems ourselves before asking for help.

At first it was a little uncomfortable for me. But after forcing myself to make risky decisions without asking permission I learned that screwing up was actually quite rare. And when I did fail, it wasn’t even that bad.

As a result, me and my teammates worked faster, harder, got more done, and won more business.

Today I challenge you to be an ‘ask forgiveness vs permission’ person. It’s empowering.

Happy risk taking Friday 🙂

When my wife wakes up today she will learn that yesterday I watered our Christmas tree with a few beers (Guinness). I might be taking this forgiveness vs. permission thing too far. 😳