Friday Fun Volunteering Stories

Yeehaw! It’s Friday!

On Fridays I go volunteering at Meals on Wheels. Delivering food to the public is not a glamorous job, but I make the most of it and collect weird and funny stories to share with you guys!…


– Last week after dropping a meal off, I was walking back to my car and the client came running out of her house to catch me. She said, “Joel, wait! I forgot to tell you some important news… It’s my goldfish’s birthday today!”.

Very important stuff. Obviously.


– A few weeks back I received my first customer complaint. This complaint came from an old man who doesn’t like me because I’m “not a pretty young blonde thang like the last delivery girl”.

But, it seems I’ve grown on him since then because last Friday he offered me some of his marijuana. How nice.


– One lady I delivered to asked if we had any vegetarian meals. She said she just watched a documentary and was strictly never eating meat again!

After I told her I had no vegetarian meals left that day, she replied with, “Ah well, just give me a meat dish, I don’t really want to be a vegetarian anyway”. I’ve never seen someone flip so quick!


– I knocked on a door last week, but the client wasn’t home. There was a neighbor sitting outside on the porch next door so I asked if they knew where my client was.

The neighbor said she would be back any minute, and I could leave the meal with him. He said he promises he would give the meal to my client as soon as they got home.

I hesitated, and looked down at my route paperwork. I noticed a tiny little footnote for this address… It reads “DO NOT leave any meals with the neighbor. He always steals her food!”.

I looked back up and the neighbor had a big grin on his face. I told him, “Nice try, pal. I’m not falling for that trick”.

He said back to me, “Maybe I’ll get you next week”.


Have a great Friday peeps!
– Love, Joel

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What a wonderful world 🙂