Happiness Checklist, v2! ✅

Happy Friday, my dudes!

Here is your happiness checklist for today. Read them, do them, check them off, share them around, and notice your happiness increase! (as well as the happiness of those around you) 🙂


✅ I’ve reminded myself that I’m incredibly blessed in life!

✅ Today I used my superpower of _______, and I’m making a difference in the world!

✅ I did a favor for someone, without them even asking. Sneaky kindness! 😉

✅I’ve forgiven ________ for that thing they did. It feels great letting go of this grievance, time to move on!

✅ I checked in on an old friend today. We laughed about the good ol’ times!

✅ I ate a healthy meal! Yummm.

✅ I did a small workout. Woohoo!

✅ I spent some time outside today. Aaaah that sun feels nice.

✅ Something really annoyed me today, but instead of complaining I was NICE and KIND!

✅ I was a leader today. People look up to me for _______.

✅ I complimented my spouse today. And my kids. And my neighbors. I’m like a compliment-giving machine!

✅ I used good language today. I really needed a break from all that f’n cursing. 🙊

✅ I treated myself to _______ today. Because I deserve it.

✅ I celebrated ________ today. Although it seems small to others, little things are always worth celebrating!

✅ I’ve told someone a dad joke today. (don’t have one? here… What did the drummer call his twin daughters?… Anna One, Anna Two!) I know it’s lame – it’s supposed to be!

Today is going to be a great day! Because you are actively making it so.
– Joel

Coops is doing a little bit better. Slow progress! I’ll give more updates later. Happy Friday!