Happiness Doors – Look Around You

Happiness Doors

Happiness Doors


“When one door of happiness closes, another one opens. But often people look too long at the closed door, they don’t see the new open one”


Close your eyes for a moment and picture 10 doors, all in a row. Each one leads to happiness. Some doors are open, some closed, some are locked, some require keys, some don’t.

The quickest route to happiness is via an open door.

The problem is, each door opens, closes, & locks periodically and unexpectedly over time. The door you walked through yesterday might be locked today. The door that’s closed today could be open tomorrow.

There is always an open door somewhere. To find it, you just need to step back and take a look at the wider picture. In real life, there aren’t just 10 doors of happiness, there are thousands or millions.

Just something to keep in mind when frustrated with your current situation in life. Look for other open doors, they are out there!

Have a great weekend,
– Joel


*Doors pic by Robert Anasch