Happiness fuels success, not the other way around

My friend Cory shot me this yesterday…

“I just read a book called The Happiness Advantage (<—- affilly link!). Turns out there is a whole branch of psychology that studies happiness. The author summarized a bunch of research and came up with a really cool discovery!

Most people see that “successful” people tend to be happier than the rest, and come to the conclusion that success leads to happiness: Success –> Happiness.

However, the book cites a bunch of research showing it’s actually the other way around. The people who are happier from the outset tend to be more successful: Happiness –> Success.


Pretty cool, hey?

It’s a good reminder that you can’t just wait for happiness to show up after you’ve achieved a bunch of milestones. It doesn’t work that way.

Instead, you gotta lead with happiness. It’s the secret tool that helps you reach those milestones in the first place!

Happy Saturday peeps! Enjoy your well earned time off!
– Joel

Another painting from our friend Barbara in the Ripple Effect Story!