I am an idiot #13 🙊

About 20 years ago, back in high school, I was sitting around with my friends in a circle one day.

All of them were gossiping and making fun of this one particular girl.

I didn’t really know this girl, but since my friends were talking bad about her, I thought I needed to do it too…

So when it came my turn to speak, I said something horrible and mean and everyone in the friends circle laughed.

But, a few seconds later, everyone stopped laughing and their faces froze. The girl we were talking about was standing right behind me! She burst into tears and ran away.

I’ve never felt more horrible in my life.


Reminders for today:

  • Watch the words that come out of your mouth. They can cut deeper than a knife.
  • Just cause your friends are doing something, doesn’t mean you need to join in. Negativity breeds negativity. Gossip is for small minds.
  • No good comes from talking bad about others. Even if they never hear it, YOU will have to live with what you said and feel bad for the next 20+ years.

Have a great day everyone. Be nice!
– Joel

Snapped this yesterday on our morning walk 🙂


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