I am an idiot #19 🫢

I haven’t told many people this, it’s something I’m not really proud of…

About five years ago at my last job, I got peer pressured into doing something highly unethical. It was a group thing — my coworkers came up with the idea and set it in motion (and even some managers encouraged them). I had the chance to stand up and object, but I didn’t. I just stood there and let it all happen like a coward. (nobody was hurt, this was a corporate greed thing)

I remember later that week our team was out celebrating, and as everyone lifted their glass to cheers each other, I tried my hardest to smile on the outside, but I was absolutely DYING on the inside. (I still kind of have PTSD from stuff like that. It obviously wasn’t the best work environment for me)

Anyway, the reason I vent this stuff out and share is to encourage you to not be an idiot like me!

If you’re in a workplace that’s encouraging you to be someone you are not, the longer you stay the more it hurts your life. Please please please be stronger and stand up for yourself, no matter who you’re up against.

You have more support that you think you do, and if there’s anything I can help with, feel free to reach out to me for help.

Wishing you a happy Wednesday, making good choices.
Love, Joel

Another failure — here’s how my lemons are going. It rained so hardcore this whole bucket filled up. I think I need to start again 🤦‍♂️