I am an idiot #2 🤦🏻‍♂️

Once I was walking across an intersection…

Since I was the only person walking, I was the center of attention for all the stopped cars… So I thought this was a good opportunity to show everybody some of my “sweet dance moves”.

I was wearing baggy sweatpants (just returning home from break dance lessons), and a new pair of wheelie shoes – the ones that look like you’re on gliding across the pavement.

I took a big run up to get some speed, but before I got to my trick I tripped on a small pothole in the road. I fell flat on my face in the middle of the intersection.

Even worse, as I slid forward with momentum, my baggy pants were pulled down on the asphalt. All the cars and traffic were staring at my naked rear end.

I got up slowly (the wind was knocked out of me), pulled up my pants, and ran home as fast as I could.


The reason I share these embarrassing stories with you is to make you feel better about when you are embarrassed.

Next time you try and show off and it doesn’t work, just picture me… pants down in the middle of an intersection with traffic honking, laughing and clapping.

Have a great day! Stay positive!
🕺 Joel 🕺


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*Feature pic by Payton Chung

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