I screwed up… But that’s OK.

I started this week with a goal: To not have any alcohol Monday —> Thursday.

But, I messed up already (twice)! On Monday my wife and I had a sneaky glass of wine – we were celebrating a small personal win. And Tuesday we had visitors from Hawaii and went out to dinner with drinks.

It doesn’t feel great breaking promises to myself. It messes with my motivation, thinking things like, “well, I’ve already screwed up monday/tuesday, I may as well bugger up the rest of the week too”.

BUT… If there’s anything I’ve learned about missing goals or having a late start, it’s this: If you continue to dwell on past mistakes, you are more likely to keep screwing up.

So, I’m forgiving myself. The past is the past. I can only control my future. It’s a new day, new month, and I’m ready to get back on track.


Not sure if you’re behind on a goal or screwed up recently… It’s OK! Focus on the future and get back to your ass-kicking self, starting today.

Happy 1st of the month!

Showing my friends around town yesterday. Even the ducks and frogs have beautiful homes in Beverly Hills.