Kintsugi v2

After last week’s email about broken or beautiful, I became a little obsessed with this art of Kintsugi.

I also got a bunch of feedback and replies from you guys – one of which I nearly cried reading…. Someone’s cousin started a started a company called Gilded: The Art of Healing which artistically incorporates the practice of Kintsugi for the purpose of healing trauma. Read this tragic yet beautiful story here. Amazing.

Anyway, I researched methods and ordered materials and now I’ve got a new hobby fixing broken stuff.

My neighbor gave me this cracked bowl last year and asked me to either fix it, or use the ceramic pieces for art. I was able to do both 🙂

This small broken bowl in our kitchen – now has a cool story behind it.


Wishing you all a great day! Remember broken = beautiful. Scars are just evidence that healing has happened 🙂

– Joel

ps. send me your broken ceramics!