Layers: Like an Onion

When I go outside, I wear a face mask and gloves. It looks scary, but it’s just an outer layer.

Under the face mask I actually have a huge smile! I’m a happy guy, even in tough times.

But behind the smile, if I’m being honest, is a scared little boy who’s concerned about the future. Especially in today’s world.

Directly under the scared layer lives a confident and brave young man. He’s not scared at all.

Under confidence is worry.

Under worry is my logical thinking layer. Always assessing the facts and stuff.




More layers..



Then at the very core, lives the true and authentic me. Sometimes I can dig waaay down and connect with my center. And when I do, only two words can describe it: Peace and gratitude.

I don’t know about you, or what layer you are wearing on the outside today. Forget the news, gossip, and worldly troubles. I hope you know deep down that:

– Everything will work out just fine in the end.
– Life is gift, be grateful no matter what.

😀 Joel


**Photo credit to Erda Estremera!